Glen Drane Knives

Glen Drane Knives
Knives and Japanese style blades .
Sword Pricing
Sword Pricing

Rough price Guide in Australian Dollars.




Blades Types                        


Tanto $400 / Wakizashi $450




Tanto $450 / Wakizashi $500



Tanto $500 / Wakizashi $550




Plain Habaki                                $100

Patterned Habaki                         $150





Tanto                                           $100

Wakizashi                                    $150

Katana                                         $200






++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Extra's    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


                              Tanto               Wakizashi                    Katana  

Lacquer Black           $100                $150                              $200

Same-Kawa               $80                 $100                              $120

Ito Wrap                    $60                  $80                               $100



Fittings supplied at market price (Fuchi Kashira Tsuba) or can be supplied by customer prior to comencement of work.

All comissioned work is started once a 50% deposit is recieved.

Deposits are non refundable once work starts as this covers costs of materials and some labour.

Additional pricing may occure if I deem the artistic value of the finished piece exceeds the above price guide.

*Please note that Katana are not available at this time as my forge will not manage a blade of this length.

 We are working on a Gas cylinder forge that will cope with long blades but progress is not a priority at this stage.


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